Friday, 8 October 2010

Thanks for the Support!

Well, nearly everyone has posted their stories and some pictures of the event and I believe that there are a few still to come.

On behalf of everyone who took part, I'd like to thank Martin for organising this. It was a great event, and everyone had a great time and the stressful parts are just another part of the story in the end.

Notice on the Door

Thanks to Judith and Sophie (author of Teddy Bear Holiday, co-author of Alan the Confused Tortoise from the Space Monkey anthology) for the provision of the finest cakes and surprisingly accurate and predictive signage, and moral support.

24 Hour Comics

Thanks to Ian Mayor who provided a most excellent selection of fizzy drinks, story ideas and cheerleading during the day.

Also, thanks to everyone that called or texted or tweeted us during the 24 hours. Let's do this again :-)

But not too soon, y'know? ;-)

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  1. Paul thanks for the comments. Big thanks to everyone who helped out, supported us, tweeted and got involved with the day. We coldn't have done any of it without you.