Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hi from a distant participant.

Hi, I was absent from Newcastle but chose to take part anyway, while walking around Helsinki, mainly because I miss the Newcastle comics crew so much. So I have done a very poor something. Comic may be too grand a word.

It took place over 24 hours, it is true, but I started almost a day late, and most of those 24 hours were spent doing the aforesaid walking around, with the only drawing happening during pizza and coffee stops, and a rather nice self portrait at night.

So I managed 23 pages, of drivel with illustrative accompaniment, to which I'll add some 'found art' (map of Helsinki? Whatever fluff I find in my trouser pocket) and print a few off when I'm back in the finest city between Tyne and Coquet.

If ever I find a usb slot I will add a couple of images from it.
Well done for your collective insanity everyone.

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