Thursday, 7 October 2010

My name is Ingi and I survived the 24HCD.

So - I went to this wedding on Friday the 1st of October, stayed up late and got up early morning Saturday to drive up to Newcastle from the Boro - I looked something like this at the time.

A great way to start, what would become 27 hours of no sleep - when I desperately needed one to begin with. - Anyhooo...

The drive up was extremely uneventful and not really worthy of mention, but I just did, so here’s a picture to go with it:
- I then met up with Martin at the Church for some prayers and then we sacrificed a pigeon for good luck and being a no good Icelander I then commenced to steal his money - because, that’s what we do - it’s an old Viking trade, you know.

In-spite of gospel singing, verbal diarrhea and breezy flatulence the 24 hours flew by, thanks to barrels of NestlĂ©’s finest and delicious home-made cookies/muffins supplied by Martin and Brittany.

So! - to the actual comic making.

This being my first ever 24HCD, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in to.
During the days leading up to the event I had had many ideas and my mind seamed to be overly active in coming up with stories ....however - when push came to shove, I went absolutely BLANK!

When I came back to reality, I went with one of the first images that came to my mind in the days before the event: - A 'picture' of when I saw my future wife to-be for the first time, back in 1997 in Arnhem (Holland) as we both started our ballet teachers education...

My idea was to bring in glimpses of my life while I was sitting at the bottom of those stairs, both past and future to 1997.

I don’t know if it was due to the fact that I was listening to melancholic Suede on iTunes or what, but I decided to pick out ‘sad-moment’ from my life and illustrate them accordingly.

How I’ve ordered the comic is not the chronological order in which it was made - and that was something I set out to do - Since I was fixing myself to one moment (the stairs) and wanting to bring memories to that moment.

The surprise was the appearance of King Flea - like something out of Naked Lunch - so I decided to see where that would take me. This happened at around 23:00 and I went on a roll and almost managed to make a page per hour, but due to my lack of direction before I was never going to make 24 in 24.

I came to Newcastle to have fun and spend quality time with fellow comic makers - and in that sense the 24hours were a great success - as to my 11pages, I can only say that NEXT TIME I’ll manage better :-)

I’ll finish with the words of Walt Disney, who said:


  1. Nice one. Your illustrated post has brightened up my day. The sun came out and everything.
    I need to get my own post sorted. :)

  2. Brilliant work fella! Thanks for posting - hope to see you again soon.

  3. Yeah, great work, really like your style (and kind of amazed at how you get such a fluid ink-like feel with it drawn on a tablet).