Sunday, 3 October 2010


I'm currently still pretty shattered from the event, only having managed a couple of hours of sleep since we finished. Though to be honest I was shattered from the very beginning of this years twenty four hour comic challenge, not having gotten much sleep of late.

I ended up creating a comic made up of a number of seperate sequences, some more succesful than others. The first ten hours produced a four page story that I'm pretty happy with and intend to reconfigure into a minicomic.
The following eleven hours produced a string of ill conceived and rapidly scribbled strips that were rushed out to try and hit the 24 page target whilst acutely feeling the effects of sleep deprivation. During the last three hours I filled the remaining pages by asking most of the artists present for some sort of pearl of wisdom, daft or serious, which I placed in speech bubbles above a portrait I sketched of them as they worked.

Things I've decided having completed the challenge:
  • Producing twenty four pages is not the most important part of the event, creating something you're happy with is more important.
  • It's okay to bow out if you become too tired to create decent work. It's supposed to be fun, not torture.
  • Junk food seems to be a neccesity if you are to survive the ordeal.
All that's left is for me to do is give a big thank you to Martin for putting on the Newcastle event, to Paul for sorting out this blog, and to all those who participated for making the event so enjoyable. Cheers guys!
- James Wilkinson

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