Sunday, 3 October 2010

It's been emotional!

Well, I'm awake, six hours after the ending of our 24 hour comic experience. We had some successes, some failures of which a full report and pictures will certainly be forthcoming.

Unfortunately it wasn't possible for us to maintain the blog from on site due to lack of modern networking magic, but many photographs, video and audio were taken, so they'll be on here soon, including hopefully our early morning video exchange with the lovely 24 hour comics crowd of Amsterdam.

The official Newcastle 24 Hour Comic song 2010 is Rock Lobster, by the B52's.


  1. Well done guys. I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. It was good to get in contact with you last night during the bleak hours gang! Gave me a great boost. A few hours later though I fed the baby and then fell asleep on his playmat :)
    Managed to just about salvage things this morning, a little bit of work and I'll have me a comic!
    I had a proper good time, hope you all did too.

  3. well done paper jimjams.
    I am almost in hour 5 of my Finnish 'homage' to Newcastle 24hour comic day. But I ain't expecting anything beautiful to come of it!