Friday, 1 October 2010

Previously on 24 Hour Comics Day : October 2008

My first 24 Hour Comic was in 2008 when myself and Ben Clark made comics in our respective homes, staying in touch with 24 Hour Comics community via the internet and phone.

It was a bleak and lonely experience in many ways, as reflected in the lighting in these pictures, but I was amazed to find that by 9am on Sunday I had a small selection of characters and a really nice story, but had completely ran out of felt tips, markers and every other means of producing marks on paper.

I'd originally intended it to end fairly badly for my cast, but the actual ending turned out to be quite romantic. Sleep deprivation I tells you. Ben has completed and published "The House on Murder Street", but my comic remains unfinished - mostly needing tidying up and lettering. I'd like to finish it some day. It was quite cute.

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