Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hit the ground running...

We've just hit hour two here. Comics are being made, fruit and juice is being consumed. We're a rather healthy lot... Except for Paul who is on cake number three.

Also please note that Daniel is already towards the end of his tether and may in fact murder us by the 12th hour. 

"I have just attempted to draw a cock and it looks like a dinosaur... and by cock I mean, like, the bird." -Paul


  1. I'm doing canny, got 5 pages pencilled so far and a ludicrous plotline worked out!

  2. Hope you guys enjoyed the Fentimans... by the by, if you get stuck for inspiration I've left a 'catch all' emergency comic plot with Alex.

  3. Hi from Helsinki!
    I just realise that I've missed 24 comics day, oh no! Or perhaps I could start in the next half hour and do a 2 hours and 40 minutes one.
    Are you guys still up?

  4. I have NO sense of time right now...

  5. "and by Bird, I mean, like, a chicken"

  6. We've just finished recovering. So happy to see the flurry of comments.
    Ian your catch all was a stroke of genius as was the arrival of your gift of Fentimans!

    You are all excellent people. Mike! How's the wilds of the various foreign lands treating you?

    And proper well done on all your productivity Ben! :D