Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Postman to the Retailers - Minicomic day extra

As blogged on zine it yourself, I wanted to do something extra for International Mini Comics day this year, and had the idea to deliver postcards between different retailers in the neighbourhood of our friends at Travelling Man. Here are scans of the postcards before I stitch them into a minicomic.

Other participating outlets included Beatdown Records, Details (The Arts Centre), Mailboxes etc.., Mr Q, the headshop whose name I always forget, the Settle Down and, er, that Tattoo Shop on West Rd.
The nice background material, by the way, was borrowed from an unknown girl studying for her exams. Thanks! And the penguin shape was how I 'stamped' the cards for delivery, leaving the first contributor with a token, or 'receipt'.

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  1. who added these labels? They surprised me and I let out a little fart!