Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Some excellent 24 Hour Comics from around the world.

So, here are some of the 24 Hour Comics I spotted flying past on the #24HCD twitter tag. All of these are excellent.

@TheBestMattBell : This one from Florida definitely reflects the horrors of remaining awake for 24 hours. Matt realises it's gotten out of control around 12 pages in, and decides to confront his protagonist, unfortunately by this point, his drawing hand is broken.

@careydraws : Carey Pietsch from Philadelphia brings us this nicely ambiguous dark tale. I like this one a lot. Great art style. Creepy stuff.

@83rw : Richie Williams, a man operating a wacom tablet somewhere in Missouri has produced a disturbing catalogue of freaks, like a cross between the imaginations of William Burroughs and an eight year old who just won't stop sniggering. There's something not quite right about this. I like it.

@Oversimplified : James Kersey gives us a world in which and two or more robots, one armed with a stick, try to find a place where they won't be murdered. Robot murder is all too common and the art style reminds me of The Flaming Carrot, which is a good thing.
@Esaholle : Twenty four excellent pages from Finland, a graphical ecology requiring some decoding. Muhos County Library is clearly the place to be for 24 Hour Comics Day.


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  1. Anyone fancy going to Muhos library with me for the next 24 hour comic day?