Friday, 15 April 2011

Mini Comics

Here's an almost definitive list on Mini Comics created at the Mini Comics Event. They were all great. They ranged from the awesomely artisitc to the darkly disturbing.
There's a couple not on this photo, only because we didn't have copies.
Here's the list of titles (in no particular order)

On the Metro                                          
I go by Many Names
Untitled War
The Man who Flew Away
Unlikely Friends
A Whale in the Sea
The Land of Legs
Ingi's Newspaper Day
Untitled Lead
The Portal
Attack of the 50 Foot Metaphor
Super Mouse
Spaceship vs Spaceship Captain
A Brief Treatise on the Penguin
Ice Cream Wrestler
The Shape Dilemma
Title Page Attention Grabber
Marvel Heroes and Batman

Not shown here are Why Me? Lost Dog, Paul T's and Andy W's unfinished works.

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