Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Hourly Comic Day

Everyone likes a good creativity endurance challenge, right?

Well then, I believe that Hourly Comic Day is well within the remit of this blog and its membership.

What's that all about then? As it says on the
hello! on february first a bunch of people make a journal comic every hour they are awake. and then they show these journal comics to other human beings, sometimes on the internet

we will see how different people actually spend their day. some people will make beautiful comics, some ugly. some boring, some exciting.
So if you're based in the North East of England and taking part in Hourly Comic Day, send scans and/or photo's of your hourly comics to and i'll put them up here with links to your sites. If you're already a member of the blog, you can do that yourself of course: label 'em "Hourly Comics".

Go to it!

1 comment:

  1. oh paul! [fist on table sound]
    Why am I always a day late?

    ps. 'tchoh!' is my new favourite action sound, as used in Viz comic in multiply humourous settings.